BlueWallet Shuts Down Node Connection – Users Urged to Withdraw Funds Now

25. Februar 2023 Von admin Aus

• BlueWallet is severing its connection to LndHub, a Lightning Network protocol.
• BlueWallet users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network must connect to nodes to continue using services.
• A lightning developer advised users not to panic and move out their funds as no changes are required for on-chain bitcoin use.

BlueWallet Disconnects From LndHub

BlueWallet has announced it will be disconnecting from LndHub, a protocol that helps wallets connect to accounts on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This means that those who use BlueWallet’s lighting services must now connect to nodes in order to continue using them.

What Does This Mean For Users?

If you only use BlueWallet for on-chain bitcoin transactions, then there is nothing you need to do – all other services such as LightningTipBot, LNbits and Alby will remain unchanged. However, if you have an account hosted by them then you will need to move your sats (small amounts of Bitcoin) out before the connection is severed.

Advice From A Developer

A lightning developer named Calle tweeted about the change, advising people not to panic and suddenly move out their on-chain funds or wrong lightning balances. He also reassured users that no changes are required for on-chain bitcoin use with BlueWallet – only those using other services hosted by Lndhub will be affected by this change.

Popularity Of The Wallet

Blue Wallet is a popular choice amongst Bitcoiners due its self-custody solutions and decentralization qualities – currently over 42BTC ($1 million) liquidity has been processed via its channels with the largest having 4BTC ($95,000) capacity according to data from Amboss.


In conclusion, it’s important that BlueWallet users understand what impact this decision will have upon them – while most won’t be affected at all, those who do rely upon other services should act quickly in order ensure their funds remain secure before the connection is severed in February 2023.